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Winter Retreat

posted Dec 6, 2011, 10:17 AM by Five Stones

Dear Friends,  

As announced last night at Sangha, we are recommending we share in the Winter Retreat from Plum Village, in order to deepen our practice, connections, and happiness.  Please follow this link to locate the Dharma Talks on line at Plum Village  Here is the link to enter into your search engine (Google, Explorer, etc)
http://pvom.org/       Please see the Winter Retreat Signup file below, under Attachments, to help focus and deepen your practice.  I will also post it here for easy access.

Jerry Braza, Dharmacharya, suggests,

 "As the outer world gets into a state of frenzy, we will take time to slow down and return to the stillness in our hearts.  It is time to begin our preparation by reflecting on the daily virtues that Thay recommends such as peace, clarity, compassion and courage. Together we will cultivate these virtues to enhance our sisterhood and brotherhood and find true happiness."     

As the light diminishes in our outer world, please take some time for reflection and contemplation. Together we will practice our breathing, moment by moment.

Five Stones Sangha

Commitment to Deepen your Practice

Between Dec. 14, 2011 and March 21, 2012 Five Stones Sangha invites us to deepen our personal and collective practice. The overall purpose is create more happiness in our lives by focusing on the values of peace, clarity, compassion and courage that Thich Nhat Hanh has suggested we work on during this retreat season. On Monday nights, we will continue to practice as we have and this will be augmented by some video dharma talks as presented by Thay at the Winter retreat. In addition, we will have dharma sharing related to the values.


During the winter retreat, consider committing to the following:


1.     A period of daily meditation both sitting and walking.

2.     Participation on Monday evenings as means of reinforcing the practice and developing our sisterhood and brotherhood.


3.     Participation on the first Monday of the month in the Five Mindfulness Training


4.     Time to reflect on the following values:

a.     What am I doing to create more peace in my life?

b.     How am I enhancing my clarity as a result of the practice?

c.     How am I developing my compassion for self and others?

d.     In what ways am I developing my personal courage and my ability to look deeply and transform the challenging seeds in my consciousness?


5. On a daily basis, in what ways am I finding moments to “linger a little longer” as means of stopping and experiencing each moment more fully?


Please consider posting this invitation in one or more places that you see as a part of your daily morning, midday and evening routines (ie, bathroom, kitchen sink, night stand, car dash, desk picture frame).  Please consider keeping a short diary or journal of your retreat experiences, even notes on a desk calendar are helpful.