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Today is a Brand New Day: Vow to Live it in Mindfulness!

posted Oct 1, 2012, 6:58 AM by Five Stones
 Dear Friends,
Today is the day!
We are quite busy cleaning our house, desk (eek), preparing foods, preparing for all the happenings tomorrow.
Yes, the upstairs guest bathroom, which we have been remodelling, now has a floor (Thursday, and a new and working toilet yesterday!!)  It's a flush of mindfulness :) and we are breathing easier.  (Of course the monastics know nothing about this--I just didn't want them to worry, shhh :)
As Br Phap Ho (who arrives with the group tomorrow) says, "Arriving in the present moment - We are filled, fulfilled, whole"

New Update 6:00 AM Monday ( After one late evening conference call)

The Tour Group will arrive from Eugene at 2:45.
Sr Nhu Mai will telephone me as they leave Eugene and I will email everyone, as a reminder.     I will phone Jaime, as she requested:  anyone else want a call??
They will appear at the Corvallis Public Library,(
Corvallis Public Library
(541) 766-6926 , again, at 2:45 PM645 Northwest Monroe Avenue.

We should plan on arriving at the library at 2:30 tomorrow afternoon, meeting in the large, empty conference room just to the right after entering the main entrance.  
Important:  Do NOT park in the libraries lot for the evening presentation, (it's okay to use it now, not after 6 PM) as it will be locked for the night at 7 or 8 PM.)

We can invite a bell, relax, knowing all is ready.   We'll share additional updates, or just enjoy the empty conference room.  The monastics will arrive at 2:46 when we can enlarge our circle and meet as a single planning group.  I will have the conference room paid for and open at 2:15, please arrive by 2:30 if possible.

The Wakeup group of 9, 4 men, 5 women (a mixture of monastics and lay men and women).  They will all eat and sleep at my house,  865 NW Raintree Drive, see map link coming in next email.

After a brief welcome and meeting, we will tour the library conference room and receive any news of how they wish it setup.  I expect 100 to 150 people will attend, and the conference room only holds 110, so we may need to have extra PA for the hallway--Gracewinds will supply any PA, microphones, guitar, djembe drum they requested already.  They are very tired tonight, and very happy and excited to be continuuing to Corvallis tomorrow.

Rideshare to my house (please make your own arrangements--I know Leslie will be at the Library and is driving Eleanor--there may be room in her vehicle.  Here is her email address if you would like to prearrange. lolving@email.com   I will have room for 3 riders also to prearrange with me ken.oefelein@gmail.com.

The Wakeup group will enjoy about 15 minutes of relaxing, locating their sleeping beds, bathroom time, etc.  They, and I (along with any riders) will depart the library at 3:00 PM, arriving at my home about 3:15.  Please allow them this 15 minutes to rest and organize, before we all arrive at 3:30 to 3:45.  We will introduce each other and relax together.  Hopefully the sunshine weather continues and we meet and eat on the deck.

Park anywhere, but the driveway--the Wakeup group needs to park there and be able to leave without a lot of car shuffling, at 5 PM.  

A reminder to the generous folks who volunteered to setup the library room:  Jack, Holley, Irene?, Eleanor, and Pam.  That will be plenty.  If these folks are able to come to my house for dinner, they will have to leave early, about 4:45 to get to the library and begin setup.  I will be there, pay the rental fee, and pickup the key, and direct the setup team.  Can someone volunteer, by emailing me, to be the setup director, so I can explain to one person, and tend to the group arriving at 5:15???? 541-760-9760 or email: ken.oefelein@gmail.com.  Thank you!

At 4:00 PM , my house, we will begin eating:  Paul has volunteered to chant before we say the Five Contemplations together.  We may eat in silence, or with talking and laughing, as the group desires..Thank you Paul!! We are so fortunate to and appreciate your loving spirit and ethereal melody.  Paul, please bring your bells.How's you vocal chord health?  Paul will not be able to attend the library presentation at 6:00 PM, so will share his practice as a present to the 
Wakeup group before dinner.

We are providing for dinner:  snacks, main course:  Lentil based vegan shephards pie, drinks, eating utensils, plates, etc, 
Please contribue if you can __or just your presence is more than enough.   extra fruits, snack veges, or side dishes to go with the lentil soup (please no dairy, or meat--all are vegan.

We could use dessert items (Intaba is making some, thank you. Intaba she is also arranging to have 10 cushions, borrowed from our sister sangha that meets at the Yoga Center on Sunday mornings) extra fruits, snacking veges, or side dishes to go with the lentil soup (please no dairy, or meat--all are vegan.

We will meet and greet attendees at the doorpf the library conference room, help them find seats, or space for cushions they bring.  We will have two tables setup one at each door.  Several volunteers are needed at each door, and one to attent to the Tour Groups needs:  water to drink, sitting arrangement changes, etc throughout the evening.  (A great chance to become acquained with them)

We will leave by 9:00 PM and we need 4 or 5 volunteers to clean the room afterwards, and lock the library, turning lights out as you leave--the library will be closed before we finish.  (Ken will orient you.) PLEASE REPLY....

We need a photographer who can take many pictures for our use (or, perhaps Diane has some connections at the GT--even getting event coverage for pulishing in the GT and Demo-Herald??

We are thinking of Bob and Anaise as their new child is due any moment. We haope they can join us in person, we'll mention them as we plan our evening details at 2:30 in the Library Conference Room.  Its time to organize a potluck vegan soup/main course frozen meal for them to help them enjoy their new you child.  
Volunteer now to deliver during the next few weeks.  
3-5 volunteers needed for this....sign up by reply to ken.oefelein@gmail.com.  This is precisely what a sangha does, support each other.  Please let the sangha know when you might need a little extra assistance (anything).

Tuesday morning the group will wake and enjoy resting and a "Lazy" day at my house, by themselves, preparing to travel onto Salem for Wednesday event.  Anyone interested in attending the Salem event???, a nice restaurant meal is being donated by one of the sangha members (annonymously).  Let me know so I can arrange reservations for you and maybe drive share.

Then we rest and enjoy a Lazy Day ourselves, allowing our normal routine to enter again.  What a wonderful opportunity this is.  Gratitude and many bows, as we co-create this rare opportunity for  young adults be in the presence of truly happy monastices, learn about meditation, calming, looking deeply, the Dharma...

I hope everyone has Sleeped-Deep (as Neal Gladstone sings)
Br Ken

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy." ~~Thay