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posted Dec 17, 2012, 2:39 PM by Five Stones
Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Dharma,

How lucky we are to have found the practice, to be part of a community that is alive and real, and to have a teacher who is not only healthy and young, but still have so much energy to open the way for the many generations to come. I feel so blessed to be alive at this point in time. I write with such inspiration because our teacher once again is opening new doors for us, renewing the way we look at and understand the teachings on karma, retribution, dependent co-arising and in particular, the 12 Links. I hope you all have a chance to listen to these deep teachers online.

I write to share Tháy's message for his students and friends, his encouragement for all of us to practice this Christmas season. 

Please see Tháy's letter at: http://www.mindfulnessbell.org/wp/2012/12/home-is-the-way-a-christmas-message-from-thay/

Thank you everyone for being there.

Brother Phap Dung and PV Community