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Thay's Discourse on the Absolute Truth

posted Jan 22, 2012, 3:28 PM by Five Stones
Monday, at 5:30 in the Meditation Room behind Mystic Mountain, 435 NW Fourth Street we will meet to practice and Gary will lead a Dharma Discussion and presentation on Thay's Discourse on the Absolute Truth.  Here is a little background from the historical dimension, as Thay leads us into the Ultimate Dimension:

"The fifth sutta of the Atthaka Vagga of the Sutta Nipata. It was preached in reference to the divergence of views held by various teachers in Savatthi.The king, on hearing of their constant disputes, gave orders that a company of blind men be collected and an elephant placed before them. They were then asked to touch the elephant, and each one described what it appeared like to him. Each described that part which he had touched. The king told the heretics that their divergent views were as unreliable as the blind mens descriptions of the elephant. The Buddha, hearing of this, preached the sutta in order to confirm the kings judgment."

May all be well,