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Suffering and the way out of Suffering. Plus Flower Watering 101.

posted Aug 17, 2012, 11:24 PM by Five Stones
Dear friends,
Mystic Mountain Meditation Room, 5:30 PM Monday.  Please bring some flowers if you can.  This week we will individually take some deep looking into our own suffering, its causes and conditions, and the way out of suffering:  the Noble Eight Fold Path.  The leader, Ken, will share his personal suffering, and encourage each of you to privately or with the sangha (your choice, no pressure) look deeply into your suffering, current edges of your practice, and ways you have transformed some of the obstacles in your path.  
We will conclude with Flower Watering:  please see last weeks announcement for details.  Please give some thought to each of our sangha members, especially those who have affected you the most, so that if they volunteer to have the sangha water their flowers, we will be prepared to comment on the ways that individual has supported our practice, helped you gain understanding, or centering on your path.  Everyone is encouraged to have their flowers watered, it is a very joyous practice we will continue after the sisters leave, and throughout the future, on request.
We will practice as always, guided, walking, and seated meditations, here updates and help plan the sisters from Deer Park visit next week:  Monday the 27th at the Garden of Gentle Breezes, http://www.gardenofgentlebreeze.com/.  Note We will not meet at Mystic Mountain next week:  we will meet informally from 1:00 PM until 6:00 PM when we share a pot luck, bring a dish if you can (labeling the ingredients helps those on special diets).  At 6:45 a more formal practice will begin, led by the easy presence of the sisters, and end around 8:00 PM so our out-of-town visitors will have ample time to travel home in the daylight (cool refreshing, after this week of 100 degrees plus).  More information and planning at practice on this coming Monday.