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Sangha Tea Monday, 6/25/2012

posted Jun 24, 2012, 10:22 AM by Five Stones
Begin 5:30....Ending 7:00 PM  Sangha Tea and Dharma Discussion.  Please bring a poem, favorite dharma note or teaching if you like.
As you share yourself with the sangha, you receive back many times what you give.
How's your practice these days?
"Deepening our practice means having a genuine practice, practicing not in form only.  When your practice is genuine, it will bring joy, peace, and stability to yourself and to the people around you.  Actually I prefer the phrase true practice.  To me, the practice should be pleasant.  True practice can bring life to us right away.  As you practice mindful breathing, you become alive, you become real, not only when you sit or walk, but when you're making breakfast or performing any activity.  If you know how to breathe in and out mindfully while making breakfast with a smile, you will cultivate freedom--freedom from thinking about
 the past or worrying about the future--aliveness, joy, and compassion.  That is true practice, and in effect can be seen right away."
Monday will be the last opportunity for us to express our gratitude to Mystic Mountain for the huge screen they purchased  for Thay dharma talks, and their own film evenings.  All Dana will go to Mystic Mountain.
Enjoy the present moment, we don't need to go anywhere or attain anything, we already are it.