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Sangha Tea, Mindfulness Practice, and Sharing

posted Oct 27, 2012, 11:20 AM by Five Stones
Dear Friends,
Please meet by 5:25 in the Meditation Room attached to Mystic Mountain, 435 NW Fourth Street, Corvallis, Or.  We practice together to renew ourselves, deepen our spiritual friendships, water our seeds of Mindfulness, and support each other.  Happiness for ourselves and others is always the result of waking to the present moment, especially together as a sangha (the most miraculous invention of the Buddha).  All spiritual paths, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, etc. are nourished by our practice of inclusiveness and non-discrimination.
This week Irene leads practice and is Bell Minder as we practice guided, walking or movement meditation, and silent, formal sitting meditation.  Please bring and share an inspirational event, poem, quotation, song, anything that has nourished your practice this past month.  In this way we help ourselves and all others recognize and transform the (rough edges) or obstacles in our path.
With peaceful breathing and a smile,
Br Ken