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Sangha Practice, Monday August 12th, Corvallis Friends Meeting House 3211 NW Polk

posted Aug 11, 2013, 3:07 PM by Five Stones
Beginning at 5:30 we will begin our weekly meditations and practice together.  As a sangha, we nurture each other and ourselves as we "interare".  That means, if you want to be happy, make those around you happy.  You may be able to create the conditions to make this possible, then you will be happy too!  
After meditation, Gary will facilitate a dharma discussion on the topic of Suffering (Dukkha), inter-mingling teachings from Thay, our main teacher, Pema Chodron, and Stephen Batchelor. 
Arrive a little early and listen or join in some gatha singing.  

"Since the Buddha said the First Noble Truth is suffering, many good students of the Buddha have used their skills to prove that everything on Earth is suffering. The theory of the Three Kinds of Suffering was such an attempt."  So, we have to ask, Is all life Suffering? How can we understand suffering in our practice to enable us to experience happiness in our lives?"  TNH, The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching.