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Morning Mindfulness, this Saturday

posted Jan 14, 2012, 10:56 AM by Five Stones

Five Stones Sangha

Invites you to a Silent Morning of Mindfulness

                                                               Saturday January 21, 2012


2782 NW Rolling Green Drive



“A day of mindfulness can be the lever that will lift us to the habit of practicing mindfulness every hour and every moment. Everyone has the right to such a day, for without it we will lose ourselves quickly in a life full of worry and action, and our responses will become increasingly useless.”

Thich Nhat Hanh (Thay)


Please join us if you can from 10AM until 1:00PM for a silent Morning of Mindfulness, when we can allow ourselves to water our positive seeds  of joy, equanimity, love, and happiness in a quiet, peaceful environment.  This activity is part of our Winter Retreat, as we practice along with the larger community at Plum Village, France. http://pvom.org/


Pamela has volunteered the use of her home at 2782 NW Rolling Green Dr. 


Our schedule:


10:00 AM—arrive and check in.   Welcome, Introductions, preview of morning schedule.

            Guided Meditation

            Walking Meditation

            Sitting Meditation

11:00 AM—10 Minute silent break for tea and bathroom.

10:15- --DVD of one of Thay’s Dharma Talks as we co-practice with Plum Village  winter retreat.

10:35--Dharma Discussion

11:15--Sitting Meditation

11:45--Walking Meditation

12:00--Songs/Chants of the practice

12:15-- Break for Tea and Snack.  Noble Silence continues,

             Please bring a small vegetarian snack to share, if you are able. 

12:35—Deep Relaxation—Bring a blanket please

12:50---Closure and Cleanup 


Ken Oefelein,

True Source of Peace

Chan Binh Nguyen