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Monday the 6th

posted May 7, 2012, 8:04 AM by Five Stones
Dear Friends,
Tomorrow evening we have the opportunity to share our practice, supporting each other with our presences, and  dharma discussion.   

The Mindfulness Trainings are the core of the practice for the lay community

Thich Nhat Hanh, our teacher, has recommended that all lay friends who have taken the Five
 Mindfulness Trainings gather at least once a month to recite these
Trainings. (As we do on the first Monday of every month.)  Of course all others are welcome to attend since this is not an
 exclusive group and basically a chance to practice together and support each 
other along the way. 

The Trainings are our commitment to ourself, our teacher and the practice. Without this 
continuity of practice, we lose our connection with the teacher and the

  Join us every Monday at 5:30 PM in our practice space at Mystic Mountain, 435 NW Fourth Street. 

We will study together with openness, lightness of heart, sharing of experience with the practice, and deep listening.

(You may receive these trainings formally at the upcoming Many Rivers Sangha (which consists of all the Oregon Sanghas active within our tradition: we are a cell) The Formal Ceremony consists of representatives of most all the  Many Rivers Sangha, and your intention to use the Five Mindfulness Trainings, as standards we try to live by.  They will guide your life and give you more access to finding refuge in the Sangha, the Dharma, and the Buddh's light within.  This is a formal ceremony, as presented to you by a dharma teacher (Dharmarcharya).  It is a joyous celebration.  Tentatively set for June 6 in Portland.