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Monday October 8 Practice at 5:30

posted Oct 7, 2012, 9:28 PM by Five Stones
Arrive a little early to join in some light-hearted, joyful, singing, before our meditation practice begins.  As always we will practice mindfulness during a short guided meditation, walking meditation, and sitting silent meditations.  Gary will focus on the  lead a dharma presentation and discussion on  Mental Formations*.   Five of these are called "universal" mental formations:  contact, attention, feeling, perception (concentration),and volition.  They "inter-are" and "appear differently because they exist in store consciousness, and the way of perceiving store consciousness is different from from the mode of perception of the other consciousness." TNH, Transformation at the Base.
During the Dharma Discussion we can examine our own store consciousness and its direct way of perceiving, as it works in our everyday life.  

*This is a very important term in understanding the nature of mind, it is the result of a manifestation of a seed in our store consciousness.  There is an early Buddhist school that identifies 51 kinds of mental formations, the Manifestation Only School.  Vasubandu, a scholar-monk in the fifth century C.E. summarized and developed early commentaries on the Buddha's teachings, called the Abdhidharma-kosha-bbasbya, or simply the Abdhidharma., which was very influential in the development of early Mahayana Buddhism.  Thich Nhat Hanh studied and memorized fifty verses of Vasubandhu's teachings and cautions us not to become lost or confused in these versus.  Rather to approach them slowly, let them penetrate as dharma rain, and not to become stuck in trying to understand them too much.  They penetrate our store consciousness like the rain penetrates the earth, slowly, without any struggle.  

"Unobstructed and indeterminate,
Store consciousness is continuously flowing and changing.
At the same time, it is endowed
With all five universal mental formations."  TNH

Come and practice like a river, like store consciousness, continuously flowing and changing, even in our sleep, as mental formations continuously flow and are perceived directly into the store consciousness, 
as rain penetrates the earth.

May all beings be peaceful, happy, and light in body and spirit,
Br Ken