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Mindful Weekend with Nana and Cedar Sangha

posted Jul 12, 2011, 9:03 PM by Five Stones   [ updated Jul 12, 2011, 9:07 PM ]
Dear Thay, dear Sangha,
    just a note to share with all  that the Cedar Sangha in Eugene would like to invite anyone interested to join us for a weekend of mindfulness on July 23rd and 24th..  we will have a work day on saturday...cleaning the yurt, weeding and mowing, etc. and an evening dinner and sleep-over in the yurt or camping in your tents in the back yard.
on sunday we would like to have a full day of mindfulness, starting at 9:00 with sit walk sit,  then a short break, a formal recitation of the five mindfulness trainings, lunch at noon  ,...pot luck with greens and rice provided,  after lunch a presentation on the deer park ridge project from arthur, and then total relaxation, and closing with dharma discussion. 
know we all are busy, and also wanted to make a full day of practice available to the folks down here, and also to invite the Maha-Sangha to join us.
please know that we will be practicing for everyone, and we know how busy everyone is...just wanted you to know how much we enjoy practicing together, and open our hearts and our practice to all who would like to join us.
if you plan to come, you could send me an e-mail at nanagaia@efn.org.    we  want to be sure to plan for the right number of people.
thank you all, each and everyone of you, for your practice and your friendship.  we hope you are reading this at a moment of peace and clarity, and that it will water seeds of compassion and understanding as you pause to consider our invitation
thank you again for the precious gift/miracle of Sangha we co-create together.
a bow and a smile, nana