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Mindfulness 101

posted Mar 17, 2012, 3:11 PM by Five Stones
Dear Friends,
We will meet and meditate as is our practice.  Ken will make a dharma presentation on mindfulness.  Our practice consists of Mindfulness, Concentration and Insight which leads to transformation as the base or root of the seed.  Buddhist psychology of the mind and through the gift of our practice, we are able to transform our anger and greed and learn to water our joy and happiness.  
Next week as a dharma discussion topic during tea, we will explore our ways of stopping and calming:  we'll learn from each other with an open-hearted discussion of our practice.
During the third week of this series, we will explore our deeper levels of consciousness, how to go deeper, and how to transform our habit energies  that sometimes lead us away from our true selves.
With Metta,