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Five Mindfulness Trainings and Shining the Light

posted Feb 3, 2013, 8:12 PM by Five Stones
Enjoy our recitation of the Five Mindfulness Trainings beginning at 5:30 tomorrow, Monday, Jan 4th.  We look deeply into the trainings and reflect on our own practice.  During this period of the Winter Retreat, the annual 90 day rains retreat, practiced in our tradition for the past 2500+ years, you are invited to see and hear the Dharma Talks at both Plum Village and our closest center, Deer Park Monastery.  (Links can be found below)...Next week we will have an opportunity to share our experiences with both of these Winter Retreats.  

This week we will honor our sister Leslie, who is moving back to the East to care for her elderly parents.  We will have a Shining the Light ceremony in her honor, and share our appreciation of how very deep and active her presence has been.  She has truly found her spiritual home in this tradition, already connecting with two sanghas and Blue Ridge Monastery, very close to her parents home.  She is going to continue to deepen as one of our Oregon Dharma Teachers, Barbara Casey, will continue to mentor her progress as an Aspirant to the Order of Interbeing.

I am very happy to be back home here again, and shall help facilitate our practice the next 3 weeks.  Meditation will begin at 5:30 and we'll practice some the Mindful Movements our teacher, Thay, has practiced daily for the last 20 years.  Stay for tea and enjoy  some plums, delivered fresh from Plum Village, France.

Every step a joy, every breath a miracle.