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Fellowship of Reconciliation

posted Dec 8, 2011, 8:37 PM by Five Stones
Here is the information Pat announced on Monday, for next Sunday evening at the Friends Meeting House.
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Dear all,

Here's a reminder that our second meeting of the Corvallis Fellowship of Reconciliation is this coming Sunday, Dec. 11th, at the Friends Meeting House, 3311 NW Polk.

By popular request, potluck at 5:30.   More formalized meeting likely to start about 6:15.   (Pretty soon we'll have a rhythm down and be able to predict the post-eating start time.)

Last time there was consensus to use this Dec. meeting to talk about what projects we'd like to do.  Please bring your ideas.   I expect we can form little working groups to make the ideas we endorse happen.   We can apply for grant(s) from Oregon FOR, which was given a bequest with something like this in mind.  Not all projects need money, but they need time, thought, planning, and people to follow through.   Linda Richards is eager to conduct non-violence training and I expect those who expressed interest in this will want to start making plans and getting the word out.

I hope we can also set up presentations for upcoming meetings.   Emmet and Shady offered the Gaza Art Project, which involved exchanging children's art between Corvallis and Gaza schools this past summer (partially funded by Oregon FOR), and I am sure it would be of interest to us.  I have a number of films about non-violence that can be shown.   Please bring your ideas.

Looking forward to seeing you there.  Please feel free to forward this message to anyone who might be interested.   
For more information on FOR, a 96 yr old interfaith pacifist organization, check out  www.forusa.org.   
Anyone wishing to be added to, or dropped from, CFOR emails, please email me with a specific request.

Its a Fellowship of Reconciliation event, Thich Nhat Hanh was a member, I believe on the board, for years, maybe yet.   He explained,
"I joined FOR because of the people who represented the Fellowship. They were really for nonviolent action and were penetrated deeply with the sense of humanism with which Buddhists are familiar. What makes FOR meaningful to me is the presence of open-minded, deeply humanistic, and creative people."
—Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Buddhist monk, author, poet