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Annual Potluck Celebration

posted Nov 20, 2012, 7:55 PM by Five Stones
Dear Sangha, and friends of Five Stones Sangha,
Annual Potluck Dinner

Choose from the following 5 dates: Dec 14, 15,16, 21,or 22.  Vote for one or two dates only.
The location will be at the First Alternative Coop Community Room.

We will need 2 volunteers to help organize and handle the food that everyone brings.  
Please bring your own specialty, non-alcoholic, drink, knife, fork, and spoon,  Plates, napkins, and tea and cups will be  provided. 
 If your last name begins with A thru M, please bring a vegan soup, or main course.  If your last name begins with N thru Z, please bring a salad, or dessert.  Bring some extra desserts if you can.
Bring a sufficient amount to feed 3 to 5 people, so there will be food for all.

Bring two funny, creative,and inexpensive presents (under $10 for sure) to participate in the in the White Elephant (Orange Buddha--go Beavs) present exchange.  One is oriented toward an adult, the other is for a child.  All should be G-rated or better as children will be present.  
The youngest walking child will have the honor of distributing the gifts after dinner.  You may trade with anyone else if you prefer their selection--No trade-backs allowed, though you are free to trade with anyone else for what they have.  At some point, all trading stops and you have what you have.  
(The law of Karma)

We will begin eating in silence, for a few minutes.  Spontaneous toasts are encouraged--serious or comical, anytime during dinner.  You may wish to prepare one and write it down, so you'll remember the words.

Please Reply to ken.oefelein@gmail.com

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.  Next week during our sangha tea, we will look more deeply into Gratitude.  As our dharma teacher, Jerry Braza has written, "May you carry something beautiful in your mind and heart and let gratitude be a reflection of that beauty."